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Useful Quotations Lou Chirillo, 08/06/07
Richard D. Chirillo (1949 - 2007) Lou Chirillo, 05/04/07
Let's challenge the conglomerates Lou Chirillo, 05/13/06
Buy now, pay later Navy Tom Swift, 04/19/05
Building ships for the sake of building ships Tom Swift, 02/18/05
GD Electric Boat doing commercial work? Tom Swift, 02/01/05
"Lean" is not a survival strategy Tom Swift, 01/25/05
Ground launch - big deal Tom Swift, 01/13/05
Interviewing a foremost shipbuilder Lou Chirillo, 11/02/04
Pursuit of a product work breakdown structure (PWBS) Lou Chirillo, 10/02/04
Elmer L. Hann (1901 - 1990) Lou Chirillo, 08/29/04
Management is not just for managers Lou Chirillo, 07/07/04
This looks like a job for the LCS The Editor, 06/07/04
A Dry-Dock Shop: Something to think about Lou Chirillo, 01/06/04
The Ghost of Admiral Rickover? Lou Chirillo, 11/12/03
Pipe Piece (and Apple) Family Manufacturing Lou Chirillo, 10/17/03
The U.S. Navy's peculiar behavior Lou Chirillo, 10/11/03
Dr. H. Shinto re middle management Lou Chirillo, 10/11/03
Study of the Literature to Assess the Future of India's Shipbuilding Industry Howard Bunch, 10/09/03
The Littoral Combat Ship The Editor, 10/06/03
Sparrows Point Tim Colton, 09/29/03
A tribute to Dr. H. Shinto Lou Chirillo, 09/27/03
Negotiated Design/Build Contracts Lou Chirillo, 09/13/03
Europe's Leadership in Maritime Activities Howard Bunch, 09/11/03
Group Technology defined Lou Chirillo, 09/07/03
A designer's dilemma Lou Chirillo, 09/06/03
1990 advice to a friend about building naval ships Lou Chirillo, 08/19/03
A 27 August 2002 Message to Garcia (Garvey) Lou Chirillo, 08/12/03
When curmudgeons meet Lou Chirillo, 08/09/03
Welcome to The Afterguard The Editor, 08/08/03